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Version Overview

This section is for outlining/comparing the various versions of GoldenEye Rogue Agent. Basically a quick reference for anybody interested in the pros and cons of each version, as well as details on the release history.



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Q: Which is the most complete version?

A: The Xbox version.


Q: What places the Xbox version above the other two?

A: System link multiplayer, and 480p support.


Q: But the back of the PS2 box says it does support progressive scan!!

A: It's either a mistake on EA's behalf, or a flat-out lie.


Q: Which is the least complete version?
A: The Gamecube version.


Q: What places the Gamecube version below the other two?

A: No online (not surprisingly), system link, or 480p support. Also, the art gallery is considerably smaller than the other versions.


Q: Why is the Gamecube version on two discs?

A: A result of the console's smaller media would be the generous answer. The other culprit could be poor optimization. The campaign is separated onto two discs, and the multiplayer portion of the game is only on disc 2.


Q: Is online supported for PS2 and Xbox anymore?

A: No, it was shut down eons ago.


Q: Are there any private servers?

A: Not that I'm aware of, but the Xbox version can be played "online" through any tunneling software like Xlink Kai (via system link).


Q: Do all three versions have splitscreen multiplayer?

A: Yes, and all support up to four players (PS2 requires the multitap for more than two, of course).


Q: Can the Xbox version be played on an Xbox 360 console?

A: Yes, but it requires the November 2007 update. It can be downloaded in the "Archives" page of this site.


Q: Can system link be played between an Xbox 360 console, and an original Xbox?
A: It sure can.


Q: Can the Gamecube version be played on a Wii?

A: Yes. However, it must be a backward compatible Wii. Later releases of the console removed this feature.


Q: Do any versions offer AI bots for multiplayer?

A: None of the console versions have AI bots. However, the Nintendo DS version does.


Q: Is the DS game a port of the console version?

A: Not exactly. It was built specifically for the handheld. It is, for the most part, a simplified immitation. Still fun for what it is, though.

Visual Comparison

Until I have a decent method to capture Xbox stills, I will be posting only PS2/GCN comparison shots. All of these are taken via emulator, simply to better appreciate the differences with the two products. It's worth keeping in mind that some of this wouldn't be quite as jarring or noticeable on a 480i CRT display, but some of the discrepancies are fairly significant (an entire missing layer of water in the GCN port, for example. In fact, the Xbox version also suffers from this same issue).

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